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Nasa working on fix after space telescope’s wide-field camera broke down

The Hubble Space Telescope's premier camera has shut down because of a hardware problem, NASA confirmed, but said its three other science instruments are still working fine.

The wide-field camera on the Hubble Space Telescope has developed a fault – just as key NASA staff are unable to work because of the US government shutdown

One of Hubble's cameras has automatically suspended operations due to a fault. While Hubble will continue to scan the skies with its three remaining active cameras, NASA can’t be sure when the telescope will be repaired, due to the ongoing US government shutdown.

Scientists have peered at the very beginning of the universe, sampling light that was emitted at the dawn of time. And the breakthrough is the consequence of a happy accident: a galaxy acted as a huge space telescope, bending light so that we could see deep into space and time. The light that reached Earth was among the first to ever twinkle on after the Big Bang. Astronomers